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My cousin’s birthday cake. Top tier was hazelnut, middle was a dummy, bottom was chocolate. Both flavours were filled/covered with chocolate ganache. 

Mosiac design inspo was from AK Cake Design, whose work is absolutely phenomenal. 

Cupcake flavours were oreo; cookie dough; and cherry & almond. 

All, as per, were vegan.

I just found an SD card I lost a while ago, which had photos of a cake that I never got to share here. 

It was made for the husband of my grandma’s friend in November, and every paw print his hand-painted with food dye. I can’t remember what flavour it was, though. 

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*poke* Since I don't think I ever asked you for your damn new *OLD* url. I didn't get cake for my birthday. :(

zarah! I just sent to a message! I didn’t realise it had been your birthday, I am so sorry. :( HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. I am sorry I suck and that i never gave you my new URL. I mean, I had been following you on it for ages but Tumblr did the thing where it unfollowed a bunch of people and I never realised that you disappeared (which I apologise for a LOT because I feel awful.) 

But, yes. You have a confused message from me in your inbox, and I hope you had a fantastic birthday. Maybe a cake can happen next year? 

I finally edited the photos of Tilly’s birthday cake. I’m actually really proud of how it came out. 

The inside top tier was a rainbow layer cake, and the bottom tier alternated between white cake and rainbow marbled cake. Everything was vegan. 

The grass and flowers were made of wafer paper and this cake honestly couldn’t have happened had I not bought some of it on impulse.

I love all of the fairies, but the yellow one is my favourite. She is so sweet and just is really adorable. Everyone loved that she was painting the flowers. The wings are made from some 15-year-old iridescent paper my grandma found while clearing out a bunch of cupboards a few months ago. They were going to be wafer paper, too, but I decided the iridescent paper was just perfect. 



They’re coming together very slowly and I have a lot to make and finish before Saturday, but I am absolutely in love with these guys. They’re going to be the sweetest and cutest fairies.

Charlie is fundraising on JustGiving for Wythenshawe Hospital →

My cousin’s chopping all (most) her hair off in just under a month to raise money for Wythenshawe Hospital’s Burns unit. Her goal is £500. If anyone has anything to spare, it would be hugely appreciated. 

Also, I’d like to apologise for the lack of activity here recently. 

I’ve made a couple of cakes recently but they weren’t particularly interesting and the photos of them aren’t great, so I’m not sure I want to share. 

Mostly, though, I’m losing interest in cakes. It’s a chore and a stress that I really don’t want to deal with any more. So… yeah. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but there isn’t going to be anything brilliant or interesting any time soon. My mental health and my current living situations really aren’t ideal right now for it. 

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I took some videos of Mark and Theresa’s first dance, but they were too short to bother trying to put into video form… So I made some GIFs instead. 

(They [the GIFs] loop forever… like a wedding ring… so it’s symbolic… right?) 

GIFset 1 of maybe 3. Idk. 

Look at these cuties. 

It’s a shame I didn’t get to make their cake, because I’d have LOVED to do so. Their cake was really sweet, though. It had them on it, and their two boys sat a few tiers down. I didn’t get a good picture of it, though. :(


My cousin wanted a Harry Potter themed birthday cake, and my mind got really excited and this happened. 

The cake is good ol’ vanilla, sans fondant because Charlie doesn’t like it much. It’s the most “home made-ish” cake I’ve ever made. 

The cupcake flavours are inspired by: sherbet lemons; butterbeer; pumpkin pasties; candy floss; and chocolate frogs. (close ups of the cupcakes will be uploaded tomorrow.) 

I made Berty Bott’s Every Flavour Beans boxes and filled them with cheap, 6 flavour jelly beans, and bought sugar mice; cherry lollies (bloodsickle pops); red licorice (were going to be made into licorice wands); and red vines (because what CAN’T they do?!); and filled another glass jar with coloured sugar because it looked like something was missing. 

The house mascots WERE going to go on the top cake, but I got my measurements wrong and they were too big to fit, hence the photo of them on their own. 

Close up photos of all the cupcakes will be uploaded either tonight or tomorrow. 


Close ups of the Chocolate Frog cards! 

I was so, so proud of Dumbledore. I messed up Harry’s name D:, and Ron looks like he could be Shaggy from Scooby Doo. 

More photos on my blog.


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