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My cousin wanted a Harry Potter themed birthday cake, and my mind got really excited and this happened. 

The cake is good ol’ vanilla, sans fondant because Charlie doesn’t like it much. It’s the most “home made-ish” cake I’ve ever made. 

The cupcake flavours are inspired by: sherbet lemons; butterbeer; pumpkin pasties; candy floss; and chocolate frogs. (close ups of the cupcakes will be uploaded tomorrow.) 

I made Berty Bott’s Every Flavour Beans boxes and filled them with cheap, 6 flavour jelly beans, and bought sugar mice; cherry lollies (bloodsickle pops); red licorice (were going to be made into licorice wands); and red vines (because what CAN’T they do?!); and filled another glass jar with coloured sugar because it looked like something was missing. 

The house mascots WERE going to go on the top cake, but I got my measurements wrong and they were too big to fit, hence the photo of them on their own. 

Close up photos of all the cupcakes will be uploaded either tonight or tomorrow. 


i made pies for my grandma for mothers day. there’s an apple one and a cherry (& apple) one. 

the cherry pie has apple in it because cherries are expensive as fuck, so i use apples (canned/tinned  ones work better for this) and boil them with water and brown sugar until the apples absorb the cherry juices and are dark red. That way I can fill the pie and have the cherry flavour all over, without spending ~ £10 on cherries. I think this method would work for most berries, but I’ve only ever tried it with cherries to know for sure. 

And, as per, these are vegan. :)

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These were the cupcakes that went with [this cake].

The foil cases made up 1/4 of the money spent on this cake and they were horrible to work with. 

I made a pretty nifty flavour sheet though, which I hope was useful at the party. 


Birthday cake time! 

I made this lovely, simple vanilla sponge cake for an old teacher of mine. I also made 60 cupcakes to go with this cake, which can be found in [this post].

The fondant figure was a bit of a git to work with, but once I fixed it and worked around all the extra cocktail stick supports, all was well and she came out wonderfully. 

I also got to use my new cake stand for the first time with these photos. It’s super cute, imo. <333 



breatheincode replied to your post: thesearejessicakes: Was hoping to get…

Could be the weight of the head plus gravity plus time? How warm/humid is the place you put her?

I did consider the head, which is why I took it off just to be safe. I don’t know how much gravity and time played in it, because fondant goes like a rock once it’s dried out (as the rest of the torso seems to be). She’d spent well over 24 hours completely fine and then it just kind of decided “fuck it let’s break” a few hours ago. 

My house is anywhere between 19 and 30 degrees (C) depending on if the heating on (yeah, i know - that’s ridiculous.), and our washhouse/coal shed (where the fridge - and now the figure) aren’t insulated and are fairly drafty - it’s still the exposed brick and is near the back door. 

Google says the humidity in my town is currently 93% but I don’t have a clue how to measure how the humidity indoors will vary from that. 

Was hoping to get her arms made and hair painted tonight, ready to put the dried arms on tomorrow. Went into the washhouse to get her after watching Gatsby, and found her almost in two pieces. She looked fine before the movie started.

How this happened I don’t know, because the torso was completely solid when I dressed it. Did I fuck up and somehow do something that’d make the waist decide it was fresh fondant again? I don’t know. The rest of her body and the other smaller joints are still completely solid. Does anyone else know how/why this happened? I suspect that the ridiculous heat in this house doesn’t help, but…

Still, 20 minutes of trying to not trigger a panic attack, some tylo powder glue, a bit of fondant, and a few dozen cocktail sticks later I think she’s secure enough to hopefully solidify by the morning. I’m completely screwed if she’s not, though. May have to resort to super glue, I’m not even kidding. 

  1. picture one: how she looked last night. 
  2. picture two: after the first panic emergency support. “But the silhouette hasn’t changed!” 
  3. picture three: Side shot of the supporting fondant. 
  4. picture four: Literally cannot move or sink any more. Hopefully.


Here’s my cousin’s birthday cake! I had so much fun making this, and it really helped dealing with the rebound in my depression. The bunting took ~6 hours to make from rolling and cutting the first row of flags, to painting the detail on the last string of bunting. I spent roughly 10/11 hours decorating the entire thing.


So, I remade the TARDIS cupcakes which I made last year. I’m really impressed with my progress, even though I still like the overall look of the cupcakes the first time round. 

I guess it’s kind of like when they re-make a classic movie. The revamp is awesome and has better technology to make it look damn cool, but it’s never really going to live up to or surpass the feeling and success of the original. 

You know what would be cool? If you added your own thoughts to this. What do you think of the new ones? Which do you prefer? If I were to continue this, and made them AGAIN next year, what could I do to make them the absolute most awesome TARDIS cakes there have ever been? Come on, I’m a drama student, I can take your thoughts on this.



Please, please do not delete the read-more!! There’s a lot of text but I would really, really appreciate you reading it!  Thanks! <3

So, here’s my entry for the Random Acts H2H3 Cake Baking contest.  I’ve wanted to make a Misha-centric/Random Acts/SPN-themed cake for a really long time, and then this contest came along - Perfect! 

More photos of the cake can be found on my Facebook Page HERE

Under the Read-More is a nearly-full explanation of the cake! ^_^ 

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